Our History

My involvement with energy absorbing hitches started in 1998 when I purchased my first medium duty truck. It was my intention as it was many other RVers to be safer on the road because of the increased braking and handling …


Badger Hitch is a newer company with employees of 20 years of 5th wheel hitch designing and building to it’s credit. Our product is none like you have seen before and we aim to please you with ease of purchasing, below industry …


Our goal is two fold; first, sell the very best 5th wheel air hitch manufactured by Americans in America with American made products for the most affordable price available. Second, give the customer the very best customer service. By that …


Our warranty is very simple; the complete hitch assembly is warrantied for life against any material defect and any construction defect from the factory of Badger Hitch. For parts that are subject to wear, the warranty on such parts is three years or …


Badger Hitch: The Ultimate Resource for Hitches and Towing Equipment

There are times when you want to take out your RV and hit the road for a much needed break from the daily grind or for a few month for that matter.  However, a bumpy ride and technical equipment errors make up a recipe for stress and downtime gone awry. Without a reliable, quality hitch to hook up to your vehicle, you’re bound to run into some dis-satisfactory experiences!

At Badger Hitch, we provide you with top of the line towing 5th wheel suspension hitches to give you the smooth ride you deserve! Whether the hitch is for a Recreational Vehicle, or any other trailer, our hitches are guaranteed to provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

Take a look at all our premium quality products, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for! Get in touch with us for any questions or concerns—we’re always willing to help our clients out.

Badger Hitch,  is your ultimate resource for the best towing 5th wheel hitches, providing you with a collection of truck and trailer hitches that can match up to your need for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The best thing about our products is the fact the price of the hitches we have in our collection are considerably lower than those of our competitors.
This does not go on to imply that our products are somehow lesser in quality or functionality, it is merely a reflection of our philosophy. These are products that are constructed with passion and in an environment where the overhead is low, we are happy to charge customers less money for the products.

If you need a good shock absorbing hitch or are in search of a reliable hitch company, Badger Hitch,  is at your service!

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