How to maintain your 5th Wheel Hitch


For many RVers, maintenance of the hitch may not even be a thing they have considered, but it is nonetheless important. The last thing you want is to have a stuck release on your hitch.

Anything with moving parts needs proper care and maintenance in order to work efficiently, and the same is the case for 5th wheel hitches.

Fifth wheel hitches have a locking assembly that prevents the pin from sliding out of position, which is why they need proper lubricating to ensure that the mechanism is working efficiently.

With proper maintenance, you will be able to extend the life of your 5th wheel and would be able to ensure your safety on the road.

Here are some tips for proper maintenance of a 5th wheel hitch:


You must constantly conduct inspections of your 5th wheel hitch and take certain precautions while installing your 5th wheel hitch.

Before attaching your 5th wheel hitch onto your truck, you need to inspect for any broken or damaged parts. Then, you must ensure that all the nuts and bolts of the hitch are tight. If need be, take a torque wrench just to make sure that they indeed are. The last thing you need to do before installing the hitch is to re-lube all the moving parts.

As an important safety measure, whenever you are performing maintenance on your hitch, you must also perform a quick inspection of your trailer’s braking function. Check for any worn or defective parts, and see if anything is broken.


Lubricating the hitch is not as simple as it sounds. You need to lubricate the jaws and the pin of the hitch to make it work efficiently.

Use a cloth or your hand to lubricate the jaws by spreading a thin layer of grease on the entire surface. Then open the jaws and lubricate the pin from the inside. Be careful if the jaws are operated with a camera, as they will have springs in them.

You will also need to lubricate the polyurethane bushings that are found on the base of the 5th wheel hitch. Be careful about which type of grease you are using on the polyurethane, as the wrong kind can cause damage too.

Use white lithium grease that is polyurethane-friendly to ensure that your 5th wheel remains in good shape. Don’t forget to clean the base of the fifth wheel before applying the grease.

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