How to Back Up and Park a Towed Trailer


Backing up a towed trailer for parking can be a challenge. This is something you will only be able to master with time, so don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get it right the first time around.

Here are some useful tips that will help you back up and park your towed trailer:

Plan the Route

Plan the parking route. You need to know where your trailer is, where you want to take it, and how.

When planning the route, take into consideration every possible obstacle in the vicinity. Once you know where you have to go and spots to avoid, it will be much easier.

Get a Spotter

If you have someone with you, tell them to act as a spotter. If you’re alone, ask a passerby to help with your parking.

Even though you have thoroughly planned your route, it is still possible to bump into something, such as a tree limb. Similarly, your trailer might go the wrong way in, in which case, you may need a spotter to tell you to stop and correct the position before backing it up.


Adjust your mirrors multiple times (if you have to) when backing up your trailer, but make sure that you have a clear view of the rear.

You won’t be able to see much in your rearview mirror, which is why you need to depend on the side mirrors.

Look back when steering

Don’t depend on the mirrors alone. Since you are backing up a trailer, you will need to look back to know exactly how your steering wheel is affecting the direction of the trailer.

Back up from the driver’s side

Always back up the trailer from the driver’s side; it is much easier. If you’re backing in from the passenger’s side, adjust your position. It is easier to control the trailer when you back up from the driver’s side.


If you find it hard to back up and park your towed trailer, practice parking with cones. This will help you understand the dynamics of the entire the process.

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