How To Find The Right Hitch For Your Truck And Trailer

Buying a hitch is not easy. There are so many hitches to choose from which make a lot of difference on the stability, safety, and control of the towed trailer. This is why you must put in a lot of consideration into buying the right hitch. If…

How to Select the Right Hitch for your 5th Wheel

Fifth wheels have a distinct advantage over its counterparts. They connect to the bed of the truck, which makes them more stable while driving than any other RV or trailer. However, when it comes to selecting the right hitch, many fifth wheel…


Driving a car or truck is a way different from towing a trailer. Here are a few tips that will enable a safe towing ride.
Trailer Hitches

Towing 101: Types of Truck and Trailer Hitches

Vehicles have the tendency to break down when you least expect them to. When this happens, you need to seek the services of a towing company. Towing trucks use hitches in order to tow broken down vehicles. There are various types of truck…
Why You Should Buy Hitch From US

Why you should Buy your Hitch from Us?

There are a number of hitch suppliers out there but a few are as passionate as us. Here is what gives our hitches an edge over others: Our Hitches are of the best quality Badger Hitch is not your standard assembly line type of hitch company.…

Creative Uses Of Trailer

If you own a boat, you can use trailer to transport your boat to and from the water source. You'll have a personal dockyard.
Badger Hitch Your Source for the Best Deals on 5th Wheel Hitches!

Badger Hitch: Your Source for the Best Deals on 5th Wheel Hitches!

The 5th wheel RV has many advantages over a travel trailer. With a 5th wheel you enjoy a spacious living area, some of them come are equipped with luxuries (like a hot tub) and 5th wheels are much smoother on the road too. To ensure that…